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Hello and welcome to drybonestruth.

This is my blog about things that interest me. Which are a lot. So I have a lot of categories. I love giving advice so I do life tips. But I love talking about life even more. You see, as a millennial I consider myself born involuntarily into a lot of problems I didn’t cause but I have to deal with just the same, and anything I learn along the way I’d like to share, in the hopes that it’ll help someone else. That’s not to say I’m a victim of my culture, on the contrary I want to be an overcomer.

If you’ve ever wondered if there is absolute truth and if life has a point; and if it’s possible to live happily ever after like in all the best stories; then we have something in common. I consider myself deep, so prepare yourself if you check out my in depth, and life posts, but I think a little depth is a good thing.

Be forewarned, I answer my own tough questions by looking to the God I believe in with all my heart. Skeptics beware! Bible verses ahead.

This is also my first blog so I’m having a good time trying out new styles of writing and fun titles for my posts.  Please enjoy.