About me

Call me Natasha

I’m a millennial and I wanted to start this blog because my age group seems to have, by and large, lost hope. I tend to be…deep, but I won’t always be super serious in my posts. Well, it depends on what you call super serious.

So, what kinds of things am I into? Lots of things. Music, reading, writing (duh), and raising backyard chickens. Also doing things that can make a difference.

What do I love? My savior. My family. My friends. A good book. The movie Frozen. Chocolate. Pot pie. And weird things like brussels sprouts and reading reviews.

What I don’t love: I can’t stand pessimism or cynicism, and I’ve been personally trying to find the way to love hopefully, that way I believe, is through knowing the truth. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”


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